Site F Graceland Estate, Chima Bus stop, Off Alakija Road, Satellite town, Lagos.



Redeeming Love Chapel had her inaugural service under canopies in an open field, on November 19 at No. 93 Badagry Express way, Lagos. Bertram Ofikulu led the pre-service prayers while Mrs. Patricia Yerifor led the praise and worship segment. Rev. Cyril Yerifor exhorted the gathering.



  • The Redeeming Love Chapel instituted the food bank Program on the 24th January. Deacon (Mrs.) Eitokpah was appointed the coordinator.
  • The Redeeming Love Chapel hosted her first wedding ceremony between Raymond and Helen Onomerike on the 9th day of March and held her first service in the new auditorium at No. 140 Badagry Express way Lagos.
  • The Redeeming Love Chapel choir made its debut on Sunday, 24th March, five months after the birth of the church.
  • The first publication of the Redeeming news was produced in April. It was formally called GEMS.
  • The food bank program was re-launched and re-named Loaf and Fish program (LAF) on May 26.
  • The first youth week program of the Redeeming Love Chapel themed “The Portrait of a Godly Youth” was held between August 28—31.



Redeeming Love Chapel conducted her first water baptism on Sunday, 12th April.



Epignosis Book, the publishing arm of the Redeeming Love Chapel, released the daily devotional guide: Daily Fountain on January 1.



The Redeeming Love Chapel embarked on a school of the spirit program. The aim of the program was to intimate members about the Holy Spirit and His working in the life of the believer.



The Redeeming Love Chapel held her inaugural Kingdom Life Conference tagged: The Days of Heaven on Earth in November 13-18

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